2009 NPC Washington State
Lauren King - Figure (Medium Class) & Fitness

Lauren King
I wasn't really sure what to expect in covering this show, a last minute decision. To my pleasant surprise there were three fitness competitors, two of which had significant experience (and worthy of their placings) and Lauren King who was making her debut in the sport. Being in gymnastics from the age of 10 and weight training from 14, it's obvious she has the skills for fitness. Her first training partner now plays for the Seattle Mariners. Lauren holds the University of Virginia intramural record for strength-to-bodyweight ratio in the bench press (benching 155 at 130lbs), and is an ACE-certified personal trainer. Apparently she's put guys to shame in pushup and dips contests :) Add to that she's smart as a whip (think Elle Woods) and took to her first photoshoot like a duck to water! She's part of Tanji Johnson's 'Save Fitness' team and came through the experience with flying colors. Looks like she's caught the 'bug' so we may see more of her in the future.

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Lauren King - 3rd Place Fitness

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