2005 NPC Washington State
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships

Held in conjunction with the Seattle Health, Fitness
and Beauty Expo, a two day event featuring exhibitors,
seminars and events such as strength contests, martial
arts exhibits, 'Miss Desert Sun' and of course the NPC
event. Promoted ably by Jeremy Williams, it's the first
of its kind and will hopefully grow in coming years.
Sorry guys, had to head back on Saturday so missed the
bikini contest. We've got the NPC event covered though,
not very many competitors, but a couple of new and rising
stars which made for an interesting enough day trip.

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Trophy Time
Merry Christine Shaushi Zike, Merry Christine and Kionna Shaushi Zike
Jackie Goepfert Kelly Ebright, Shaushi Zike and Angela Stueber Laura Ely
Over 35 - Figure Teresa Mason Masters Bodybuilding over 50

Backstage Bookends
Angela Stueber Jackie Goepfert

Tammy Neslund Peggy Gaunt Tammy Neslund

IFBB Fitness Pro Sandy Grant

'The Gang'

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