2009 Western Canadians
Teresa Ryan - Figure - Tall/Masters Class

Teresa Ryan
Winning the overall title was Teresa Ryan, trained by Dawn Alison and part of the 'Fitbody BC' Team. It's harder to find good proportionality when it comes to the taller classes, but Teresa had just that with a lean and imposing look you couldn't ignore when it came to both her class and the overall comparisons. By the way, she won Masters as well! Teresa's been actively involved in Fitness and Weight Training off and on for about 15 years. A Certified Personal Trainer (part time) and a Certified Dental Assistant (full time) in an Orthodontic office. This show was her first, though it took her 2 years to decide to do one. She'll be going on to compete at Provincials in July, hopefully qualifying for Nationals this year as well. "I had an awesome time doing the show - though I was extremely nervous (never having worn high heels before!)."

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Teresa Ryan - 1st Place Overall

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