2009 Western Canadians
Tasha Hunt - Figure - Medium-Tall Class

Tasha Hunt
Experience has taught me that preparation is the key to anything (I keep having to remind myself) and particularly for photoshoots on a contest weekend. In fairness to everyone else, Kamloops' Tasha Hunt was the only competitor here who I'd arranged with beforehand and she prepared accordingly! It's not as easy as it sometimes looks to be in front of the camera but after a pre-show outdoor shoot on Friday, it really was a no-brainer to follow up with a Sunday one. In her own words, "My training technically started as a child having competitive figure skating as a passion and hobby through most of my childhood and teenage years. Competing for 11 years to be exact (that's where I acquired my legs ha ha). I finished my career with quite an open end at the age of 15 and decided boys were way more interesting (wow what a mistake that was). It took me until the age of 24 to finally figure out that my life was only complete with an everyday goal of living an active healthy lifestyle. Up until last year I was a cardio girl for life until I met my partner and personal trainer who showed me that pushing every limit in the gym and lifting heavy weight would transform my body in a matter of 12 months!! Wow it finally hit me when I went jeans shopping for the first time that year and bought a pair of jeans 4 sizes down from my normal size but still weighed in at 130 pounds!! I was floored! So I decided after already feeling like I achieved success in transforming by body, I tossed around the idea about hitting the stage and figured.....Why not!! It's a reasonable goal to set and the April show was coming around the corner at a rapid rate! I still cannot get over the family support that I had received leading up to my contest! I was blown away. I have the bug...I thought I had grown out of competitive sports but now I feel like this is a part of me and I want to show the world what I am capable of. I want to thank my partner Brad for supporting me and showing me the stage lights, by conditioning my body into the most incredible physique and preparing me in every way for my special day. What a day indeed...I absorbed every piece of backstage knowledge that I could to prepare me for my next contest. I cannot believe how ready I am for this journey.. Thank you everyone in my life for being a part of my dream.."
Fit Foxes team

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Tasha Hunt - 7th Place (Medium-Tall Class)

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