2009 Western Canadians
Lisa Bailey - Figure - Medium Class

Lisa Bailey
Let's start this off with a few words from Lisa, "I have never really enjoyed team sports because I was always worried about disappointing my teammates. I was initially attracted to the bodybuilding and figure sports because the only one you have to disappoint is yourself! There is much less pressure that way! I have also never been skinny, but CAN put on muscle. I decided to train to my strengths. My first show was the WNSO 2004 show in which I competed in bodybuilding (I placed third in heavyweight. Yes, heavyweight at 117lbs). I then competed in the same organization in 2006 in figure and bodybuilding (I placed third in figure and first in lightweight). I enjoyed competing, but vowed never to do another. Then I saw the Dawn Alison's girls at the gym and began to get the competition bug again. Training for the Kelowna show was much more enjoyable under Dawn and I felt much more balanced in terms of diet and exercise. It did not seem as difficult. I was happy most of the time! Even though I didn't place as high as I had hoped (I was really wanting to train for the B.C.'s) I felt really good about the way I looked on stage and think I improved my physique since the last time I competed, which was my ultimate goal. For some reason, I felt enormous stage fright and know my stage presence was weak, to say the least! I am working on this skill every week with Dawn at Fitness World. I am planning to do the Sandra Wickham show in November 2009. I am excited!"
One thing I noticed right off the bat was how well Lisa's muscle groups tied in to each other, a nice tapered look that should bode well for the future as she prepares for her next show. With the bodybuilding experience (I didn't know about that), has a good training foundation. And, ok, a little nervous looking at the start, but a more comfortable steely-eyed look eventually took over!

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Lisa Bailey - 4th Place Figure (Medium Class)

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