2009 Western Canadians
Crystal Lockyer - Figure - Short Class

Crystal Lockyer
Coming in a bit under the radar was Vancouver Island's Crystal Lockyer. Maybe because she wasn't as hard/lean in terms of her look, but you can see she's got a very proportional and solid physique and I'm impressed with the judging for recognizing that and rewarding her. In her own words, "I've always been athletic and played a lot of team sports growing up and through high school. When I graduated in 2001 I joined the military as a Marine Engineer and moved to Victoria from Newfoundland. Being in the military definitely encouraged me to stay fit and I started going to the gym and lifting weights off and on after I finished basic training to stay in shape. I always thought that I would like to try competing one day but I guess I only became really serious about it in 2006 after I had my daughter Emma. I started going to the gym a lot to lose the baby weight and really began to enjoy training. After seeing my boyfriend Steve prepare for his first show last year, I finally mustered the courage to do one too! I am really looking forward to doing the BC`s in July, and see where it goes from there!"

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Crystal Lockyer - 2nd Place Figure (Short Class)

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