2006 Western Canadian Tested
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships

Fitness - Tall Class

Christa Solomon
There's always been stellar representation from Alberta at this show. Perhaps not in numbers, but certainly in quality. Christa Solomon is no exception. Great conditioning, no trouble with strength or flexibility moves and nice stage presence. She's done gymnastics recreationaly for a few years and has become an avid wall climber over the past year - requires a good deal of agility. Christa's placed as high as 6th at Figure Nationals, took a year off in 2005 and is back competing in Fitness. This weekend (June 10, 2006) is the Alberta Provincials in Fitness (as opposed to the Bodybuilding and Figure show I will be covering later in June) so wish her luck! Next was Julia Carsley with an upbeat routine and exotic look. She competed in Figure as well. Last but not least was Renée Erdman - very photogenic and quite expressive in her routine. She competed at the FAME Vancouver show last April, placing second and plans to compete in Figure in the US, recent examples of successes down there include Lynda Thoresen and Fawnia Mondey at Emerald Cup. Photographer David Ford was in Kelowna on the Friday for a photoshoot with Renée, he had to leave early Saturday so wasn't able to cover the show. Happy to pick up the slack :) Speaking of Alberta, following the Figure/Fitness Nationals is the...
David Ford Fitness Model Search 2006
I expect to be photographing for this event and will schedule photoshoots from Fig/Fit Nationals before and after so should be a hectic Sunday to say the least! Thank goodness for long summer days in Edmonton.

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Christa Solomon - 1st Place Overall

Julia Carsley - 2nd Place

Renée Erdman - 3rd Place


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