2009 WBFF BC Championships
(April 18, 2009 - Richmond, B.C.)

Promoter Paul Dillet with Figure Overall Winner Bryna Carrier
A relatively new physique federation, the WBFF is headed by Paul and Allison Dillett. It's different in that it's all about working towards the athletes' marketability and bringing the look to the mainstream, whether it's bodybuilding for men, figure, bikini modeling and fitness modeling for women. More information can be found at World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. With the likes of STATUS fitness magazine including Ocean Bloom, editor Rodney Jang and photographers David Ford and Larry Niven onboard, they have a vehicle to promote the sport to the masses. With local Nancy Lockington co-promoting the show with the WBFF and ably run by Melissa Drew, seemed to go off without a hitch! I wasn't able to attend the prejudging, splitting my time on a very busy weekend but did manage to catch the fast-paced sound and light extravaganza which is the hallmark of the evening show. Entertaining for the audience and not your run of the mill photos as you'll see. More to follow, likely a few more compilation photos. The event was held at the beautiful River Rock Casino Resort, River Rock Casino Resortthe first event of this kind at this venue's theatre. I tried to feature some of the surroundings in my offstage photography the following day.

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