2005 Washington Ironman
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
(October 1, 2005 - Bellevue, Washington)

Viko Newman - Figure & Fitness Overall
Back to back shows are getting to be a habit for this reporter. The Ironman included many of the same competitors from the last two regional shows with a bit of juggling in the standings. Viko Newman stole the show, winning both Figure and Fitness Overall trophies, couldn't happen to a nicer person! Official results will be available at Craig Productions and Muscle Ticket shortly. There may be some slight errors or omissions here until then. More detailed contest coverage to follow.

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Trophy Time
Figure - Up to 5'2" Figure - 5'2" to 5'4"
Figure - 5'4" to 5'6" Figure - Over 5'6"
Figure - Over 35 Fitness
Open Lightweight Open Middleweight Open Heavyweight
Masters Bodybuilding Novice Winner Fitness

Here & There
Weather determined the 'there' part...just some indoor digital lighting testing this time, with
a view to upcoming shows and the off-season. Thanks Nancy, Rebecca and Viko :)
Nancy Grimmette Nancy Grimmette Viko Newman backstage Nancy Grimmette Nancy Grimmette
Rebecca Timms Rebecca Timms Rebecca Timms Rebecca Timms Rebecca Timms

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