2004 NPC Washington Ironman
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
(October 2, 2004)

Once again Bellevue, Washington was
the place for this competition. For a
one day show it packs a lot - Figure,
Fitness, Novice, Masters and Open
Divisions. Some newer competitors
(see Northern Gold's) continued to
improve as did those from years past.
The weather cooperated as well for
rare October outdoor photos. Let's
hope it continues for the upcoming
Washington State Championships
to be held on October 23 which also
includes a Health\Fitness\Beauty
Expo. Back to the Ironman, here's
a flash report. More will follow as
time permits. Also check out the
Craig Productions site for complete
results and regional contest info.

Overall Bodybuilding Champion Ann Marie Kam

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Award Winning Performances
Figure - Under 5'02 Figure - 5'02 - 5'04
Figure - Class Winners Michelle Mayberry
Figure - 5'04 - 5'06 Figure - Over 5'06
Open Lightweight Open Middleweight
Open Heavyweight

Evelynn Johnston Adriana Medina Ann Marie Kam Sarah Woltanski Christine Moorman Paula Schaffer
And More...
Ra'chel Magaoay Stacy Friede Eva Gyorki, Michelle Mayberry, Tara Ford and Kimberley Lynn Hailey Hollenbeck Rhonda Dethlefs
Michelle Flake Eva Gyorki Weigh-ins Ra'chel Magaoay Terri Stevens

Guest Performer Laura Mak
Laura Mak Laura Mak Laura Mak

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