2008 NPC Vancouver USA Natural Classic
Figure - Over 5'7"

Hannah Ringholm
It's great to see enthusiasm in the sport, especially when it's merited. Hanna Ringholm typifies that. Athletically trained and an ideal structure to build upon, this Oregon beauty practically stole the show! In her own words..."I'm Hannah Ringholm. I'm a tomboy and followed in my older brothers footsteps as soon as I could walk, playing baseball, soccer and basketball. In high school I got into track and field and found I had a naturally strong arm and threw the Javelin for four years. My senior year I injured my rotator cuff and couldn't throw anymore so I started spending more time in the gym. A friend of mine (Meghan) suggested I try competitions and got me in touch with Kristi Tauti. I started working with her about a month before my 19th birthday and 2 months later I did my first show, the Vancouver Naturals. I can't get enough of it, and after Emerald Cup and the Oregon Ironman I plan on working my butt off the rest of the year, training with Kristi, and going to Nationals next year!"

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Hannah Ringholm - 4th Place


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