2008 NPC Vancouver USA Natural Classic
Figure - 5'5" and Under

Jennifer Blundell-LaBrie
Representing 'Team Evolution' of Bellevue, Jennifer Blundell-LaBrie brought a track and field and soccer background to the figure stage. An impressive upper body is evident, nice proportionality as well. Showing a vivacious personality onstage definitely helps! The next three competitors all had their strong points, Bridgit Hake had the most balanced physique...stunning Denise Twaites' wide shoulders should help her achieve the desired look as she continues her training. Look for these competitors at the upcoming Emerald Cup.

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Jennifer Blundell-LaBrie - 1st Place

Bridgit Hake - 2nd Place

Lynn Cullen - 3rd Place

Denise Twaites - 4th Place


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