2008 NPC Vancouver USA Natural Classic
Figure - Over 35

Brittani Simpson
From rehearsals on Friday night (see right), it was clear Brittani had more than your average physique. Diminutive at only 5'2", this 36 year old has an active lifestyle which got her to this point. She has been involved in dance, cheerleading, rock climbing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and just about everything in between, but this was her first Figure competition. She has always loved sports and started working out with weights in college. She finds time to hit the gym at 5 am every morning and after her two small kids go to bed. She is devoted to her family, her career, and taking care of her body so she can enjoy life for as long as possible! Brittani hopes that her success will inspire other working moms and women to take care of themselves and love the bodies they live in. She believes in natural training, her muscle size has been achieved through years of good nutrition, physical activity, and cross training…not so much from weight training which she doesn’t overdo. She stays lean in the off season (under 15%) and was 6% for this show, she hopes to improve on that for Emerald Cup!

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Brittani Simpson - 1st Place

Julie Barnett - 2nd Place

Janet Kato - 3rd Place


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