2005 NPC Vancouver U.S.A.
Natural Classic

Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships

Novice Bodybuilding - Page 1

The term "novice" is a little
misleading where Susan is
concerned. There are always
growing pains in bodybuilding's
competitive aspects but she's
hit a home run on her first
try. No particular sports in
her background but two and
a half years of gym training
while balancing school with
what she describes as intense
training is clearly evident.
Add to that excellent contest
preparation in terms of skin
tone, makeup and hitting the
poses just right made it a hard to
beat combination. With a balanced
physique head to toe, this photogenic
25 year old has great potential in the
sport. I've added a few more offstage
photos to the coverage below.
Certainly the highlight of
this show.

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Susan Mathison - 1st Place Heavyweight & Overall
So what's next? ...stay tuned...