2003 NPC USA - Heavyweights
Bonny Priest Almost 2 years later now, yet it's still the most recent USA's I've covered, so better late than never. Both these competitors have taken the right steps in advancing their careers. Bonny qualified for the 2004 Ms. Olympia (7th Place - Heavyweight) by winning the SW Pro Cup, and Colette finally turned Pro winning Overall at the 2004 IFBB North Americans and topping that off with the Overall Title at the 2004 World Universe! Not much more can be said about these two, Bonny's got such a powerhouse physique and Colette is one of the most sensual performers onstage. Just a note about these photos, due to the distance from the stage I was a bit disappointed but realistic about how they'd turn out, and hesitant about scanning them. Real challenges to keep the detail in the slides and preserve sharpness through the process without ending up looking too grainy. Some new software and the fact that I've 'cleaned up' the other galleries encouraged me to add these. They should be a marked improvement over previous '03 USA Bodybuilding pages. Hope the effort was worth it.

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Bonny Priest - 1st Place & Overall

Colette Nelson - 2nd Place


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