2005 NPC Oregon State
Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships
(June 18, 2005)

Been a couple of years since
I've covered this show. Not a
very large field of competitors
but some certainly did stand
out, particularly those
who've kept at it for the
last few years. Thanks to
promoter Andre Scott and his
staff for a well run production.
Highlights are on this page
and galleries will be added
as time permits. Enjoy!

Overall Figure Champion Sherri Hunter with Andre Scott

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Award Winning Performances
Figure - Under 5'03" Figure - Over 5'03" Figure - Over 35
Katherine Denes Kay Friend Shannon Udey
Open Heavyweights - Sherry Bleck and Katherine Denes Kristin Ming - Novice Bodybuilding Lucie Cardinal - Novice Bodybuilding Masters Bodybuilding - Linda Yankee and Kathy Bolton
And More...
Katherine Denes Karen Shingle Stefany Mertins Shannon Udey
Guest Poser - Gerri Deach Melissa Young Guest Poser - Gerri Deach

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Novice Bodybuilding - Lightweight

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Guest Performer - Gerri Deach

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