2008 NPC Northwest
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Johanna Dobrovich - Figure Tall Class

Johanna Dobrovich
Continuing with this class was first time competitor, Seattle's Johanna Dobrovich. A classic look in front of the camera, really stood out onstage as well. Good size already, especially in the legs, and with a leaner contest shape on the horizon...look out! A college friend of competitor/model Jen Turnbull, so hopefully follows in her footsteps :-). A bit about Johanna in her own words: "The introduction of the gym started back when I was 14...I was somewhat dragged there by my brother with my mom shooing me out the door. Come to find out I loved it...didnít really know what I was doing, yet, loved it. So then I enrolled in weight class in high school....and it all began! As for sports I grew up playing soccer and continued that through high school. I also played basketball and ran track to stay in shape for soccer. The challenge of setting a goal then achieving it....itís an addicting feeling! I read a lot of motivational material...bioís on successful people...as if one can accomplish something great so can I. My 95 year old Granny and Mother hold a special place in my heart that will always encourage me as well as a strong foundation in my Christian Faith. Valerie Waugaman, (we are the same height ) Monica Brant, and my good friend Tanji Johnson have always been pros Iíve admired. My next figure competition will be in Tacoma August 1st 2009. Between now and then I will be setting mini goals for myself to keep the drive alive. Whether that be to maintain/reach a certain body fat percentage or running 5kís here and there. I work with Gabriel Moen out of Moenís Rock and Roll Fitness in Spanaway. He is my dietician and we will grab some workouts together here and there when I can make it South to his location."
Thanks to Evolution Fitness in Bellevue for the gym photoshoot setting.

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Johanna Dobrovich - 4th Place

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