2007 NPC Northwest
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Figure - Over 5'04 to 5'06

Wendy Bogard
Wendy placed 3rd in Masters as well. Good muscle size, legs in particular...some updated information, she's from Grants Pass in Oregon and is a 39 yr. old mother of four with twins. Her athletic background includes winning Division 1 Nationals (Penn State) in equestrian at college and loves most sports. This was her first figure competition. Wendy does cross fit twice a week and cardio but weight training only started five weeks prior to the show! She did not diet at all, this is her regular look. A month and a half later she was up to 139 lbs 6.5% body fat as opposed to 132 lbs onstage. Plans include national and regional shows including the Emerald Cup where she'd like to be leaner. Wendy's actually 5'06 1/2, the heights were a bit imprecise here :)

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Wendy Bogard - 1st Place


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