2007 NPC Northwest
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Bodybuilding - Open Middleweights

Laurie Smith
In our neverending quest to find the next Northwest bodybuilding star, Oregon's Laurie Smith has all the right attributes. A balanced, athletic physique to build upon, reminiscent of Nicole Berg when she started out. Laurie's main sport played since her youth was soccer, eventually competing at the NCAA Division 1 level for 4 years. She continues to play competitively on coed indoor and women's outdoor teams. Laurie earned her BS in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Oregon and has certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. She's been working for ClubSport Oregon since 2000 and was the leader of the Group Exercise Team from 2002 until she took on the Program Marketing Director role in 2007. Laurie is passionate about the health and fitness industry for the positive impact it has on people's well-being. She loves that she can live-out her passion at ClubSport, both professionally and personally through bodybuilding. Laurie became interested in bodybuilding in the early part of 2007 and quickly got hooked on the sport and began training for her first competition, the Seven Feather's Classic, which took place in October. She won the Novice Overall title, prompting Laurie to compete in the Open Division here at the Northwest Championships, a National qualifier, just three weeks later. Her goals for 2008 are the Oregon State followed by the Team Universe Nationals. Laurie is trained by Andre Scott and Chad Smith, her husband. She is sponsored by ClubSport Oregon, Desert Sun Tanning, Metabolic Adaptation and Sports Nutrition Center. Inside and outside of the Club, Laurie enjoys spending time with her husband Chad (a ClubSport Personal Trainer) and her beautiful, almost three-year-old daughter Jordyn.

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Laurie Smith - 2nd Place


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