2005 NPC Northern Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
(August 27, 2005)

Chris Algeo, Dan Meece, Stephanie Meece and Carrie Ford
Last year was the first Northern Classic from Elite Productions. To say they did their homework is an understatement. I hope it was a successful event for them as this year's venue was superb. Convention hall setting, good lighting and a fast paced entertaining show made covering it a breeze. Complete results are/will be at Muscle Ticket while this section will be expanded as time permits. Terrific competitors at this show included a comeback from Viko Newman, new faces in Figure/Bodybuilding and an amazing 50plus year old competitor. And of course the usual offstage fun and frivolity that will be included in the coverage.

(Please let me know if I've misspelled any names, thanks.)

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Trophy Time
Mary Hallman - Ms. Tacoma Viko Newman - Fitness Shari Cole - Overall Bodybuilding
Figure Masters Figure Short Julie Alves - Figure Tall and Overall
Lightweight Open Middleweight Open
Masters Over 35 Masters Over 50 Novice
Mixed Pairs

Here & There
Fitness Divas Future Fitness Divas

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September 13, 2005

Viko Newman - Fitness/Figure Short Class

Terri Stevens - Figure Short Class

Others - Figure Short Class
September 18, 2005

Novice Bodybuilding

Elite Fitness Team

Guest Performers - Valentina Chepiga and more
September 20, 2005

Figure Tall Class - Part 1

Figure Tall Class - Part 2
September 22, 2005

Bodybuilding - Open Lightweights

Bodybuilding - Open Middleweights

Bodybuilding - Masters

Figure - Masters
September 23, 2005

Bodybuilding - Mixed Pairs

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