2009 WNSO FAME West
Jenny Vandenbeld - Novice Fitness Model
1st Place

Jenny Vandenbeld
One of the really solid physiques here was Jenny Vandenbeld. No weak points, nice symmetry throughout. She could do some serious damage in any of the fitness/physique realms! In her own words, "Six years ago I became serious about training with weights as well as cardio. The results came slowly but I persevered and enjoyed the physical and mental rewards so much I chose to become a personal trainer to help others reach their goals of physical fitness. Six months ago I began training for my first competition with my trainer Cesar Pineda. I was sponsered by Coquitlam Reflex which is also owned by Cesar Pineda, and was also sponsered by Port Coquitlam Fitness World for the FAME competition and was thrilled to place first for my first competiton!"

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