2009 WNSO FAME West
Andrea Morin - Fitness Model

Andrea Morin
Definitely an inspirational athlete, at 49 years of age and her first competition, Andrea Morin showed it's never too late to get up onstage! Judging from this and the WBFF show a few weeks later where she won the Figure Masters Class, she has a performance background, looking comfortable up there. Her next competition as of this writing is the FAME World's in mid-June. She's also auditioned for a spot as part of the festivities for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, I hope she makes it! You can read more about Andrea at her 'Body Proud' FAME webspace. An update for y'all..."Competition over!!!! Placed 4th in Muscle Model, 3rd in Fitness Model Open, 2nd in Figure and 1st in Fitness Model Masters!!!! Now, let the celebrations begin!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!" - Andrea Morin.

Andrea Morin - 1st Place Fitness Model (Masters)
2nd Place Fitness Model (Open Short Class)


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