2009 WNSO FAME West
Megan Pollock - Novice

Megan Pollock
With all the categories and outfit changes, the FAME events can be a daunting task for competitors in multiple divisions - especially if you're new at this! Victoria's Megan Pollock at only 19 years old, ran the gamut of Novice divisions and caught the attention of a couple of photographers covering the show. She looked polished onstage - no surprise with FAME poster models Stacy Clough and Naomi Keane being in her corner. Stacy helping out backstage and Naomi getting her ready for fitness - nice strength and flexibility moves in her routine! Megan played soccer while in high school and some boys box lacrosse. She also did Capoeira for just under a year right before starting to train for fitness. It's a Brazilian martial art which I'm sure helped with her fitness routine skills. In her own words, " Gavin Henderson-Peal owner of Core Power Fitness is my trainer and he did an amazing job getting me ready for this comp - I love him to death. FAME was my first comp and doing it made me fall in love with competing so you'll be seeing me around, I have 2 more comps that I plan on doing this year, WBFF in April and Sandra Wickham in November. Nutrition is my big area of interest so that's the area that I hope to have a career in the future, but I would love to get more into fitness modeling in the near future." Speaking of fitness modeling, some photoshoot pics follow the stage coverage. It's only her first time at it but certainly won't be her last!

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