2009 WNSO FAME West
Carly Illes - Figure/Fitness Model

Carly Illes
Carly began working out at the end of 2005. Just for fun, looking to chase away the "winter blues" she would look through all the typical muscle magazines thinking it would be really cool to compete, but knew absolutely nothing about it. After learning about a friend’s intentions to compete Carly began looking into it more seriously. Last summer she began a nutrition and training plan with Fatima Leite Kusch. The goal had always been to compete with FAME, but on a whim she decided to compete last November at the SWFC. Although, her physique was not quite "there" Carly and Fatima decided the stage experience would be invaluable – and it was! Carly was bitten by the competition "bug". Working through the winter months on symmetry and posing paid off at Fame West 2009. In addition to having a wonderful time at the show, Carly managed to place First in Fitness Model Open Short Division and Third in Figure Physique Open. Carly is looking forward to going for her pro-card when Fame returns to Vancouver in October for Nationals. She would also like to pursue some "petite" modeling in the near future. You can find out more about Carly on her FAME bio page.

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Carly Illes - 1st Place Fitness Model (Short Class)
3rd Place - Figure-Physique

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