2007 Femsport
Fitness & Strength Competition
(August 25, 2007)

Overall Champ Roseanne Desmarais
The summer edition of this competition saw the addition of a separate Model Search with the main attraction still being strength and fitness. New events included the tire drag, tweaks with the obstacle course and team Tug 'O War which was by far the most entertaining. Kudos to the organizers who had to deal with a change of venue at the last minute. More coverage and official results will be found at Femsport.TV. I'll add more coverage here as time permits. We'll start off with the Tug 'O War, Model Search and other stuff :) Menu for other events at the bottom of this page.

Below is the fitness and strength competitors list with some results.
(Please notify me of any placing or name spelling errors, thanks.)

01. Alejandra Valdes - 9th Place
02. Larisa Shevchuk
03. Robyn Spreston
04. Rita Slanina
05. Lisa Cindrich
06. Jenika Gordon - 7th Place
07. Carmen Buchmann - 8th Place
08. Lisa Stefan - 6th Place
09. Alisa Stern
10. Courtney Frail
11. Julie Alexander
12. Melanie Zinman
13. Roseanne Desmarais - 1st Place
14. Trisha Klassen
15. Christine Tutt

16. Heather Schram
17. Jen Davidson
18. Juliana Jade - 5th Place
19. Crystal Tull
20. Leah Berti
21. Miki Groholski - 4th Place
22. Meghan Callaway - 2nd Place
23. Tamara Totovic
24. Susan Coombes - 10th Place
25. Kira Forster
26. Jolaine Undershute
27. Jennifer Hamilton
28. Megan Midan
29. Erin Frost
30. Jamie Reed - 3rd Place

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Tug 'O War

Contour Fit Body Model Search

Below is the Model Search competitors list

01. Rita Slanina
02. Susan Hoverson
03. Catherine Boshuizen
04. Angela Limberis-Blosky
05. Lesli Freeman
06. Julie Alexander
07. Jennifer Logan
08. Melanie Zinman
09. Juliana Jade

10. Crystal Tull
11. Alissa Martin
12. Susan Coombes
13. Kira Forster
14. Samantha Mack
15. Jolaine Undershute
16. Bryna Carrier
17. Jamie Reed

Susan & Alisa
Susan's come a long way (me too) since I first took a few snapshots in 2003. She only participated in the model search so was a bundle of energy the next day :) Alisa's an accomplished BC fitness competitor and will be tackling figure next. She went through all the grueling events the previous day and I don't think was in a hurry to get out of the jacuzzi so extra kudos for her effort :)

Just helping out at a Larry Niven shoot and snapped a few :)



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