2009 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships
Maria Mikola - Middleweight Class

Maria Mikola
As someone who only sporadically follows the wider world of competitions, I didn't know anything about Maria at weigh-ins, only that she had a healthy look about her... "feminine" (I know that word's overused) and with an aesthetically pleasing shape. Only found out later she had won the overall title at the 2009 CBBF Natural Physique Championships! Perhaps not quite as lean looking as then, still beautiful muscle tie-ins. Add to that an impressive posing routine incorporating her gymnastics background...it's a combination that makes for a great representative of the sport. And oh yeah, she also placed 3rd in a very competitive Masters Class. Maria's got a busy schedule this year, including the World Championships in Italy. Yes, there are a lot of stage photos here...a product of automating my workflow...plus I took a lot as well :-) Offstage photography follows that. For more info about Maria, check out her own website, www.mariamikola.com

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Maria Mikola - 1st Place

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