2008 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships
Danea Rowley - Lightweights

Danea Rowley
Montreal's Danea Rowley first caught my attention hiding under a baseball cap at weigh-ins. This was her first Nationals, having won her class at Quebec Provincials in 2006. A bit tighter onstage and she would have been in the Top 5. Still, a poised and graceful look about her that the mandatory poses wouldn't be enough to do her justice. As I found out later, she's also got a background in ballet and I'm sure her posing routine would have been a hit with the audience! An inspiring transformation over time to lose a lot of weight and get to this point. Fast forward a couple of days where we managed to squeeze in a photoshoot literally on my way to the airport (and it stopped raining). Danea's mix of size, shape, strength, flexibility and attitude was perfect for the camera :)

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Danea Rowley - 7th Place

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