2007 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships
Lightweight Class

Carmen Tocheniuk
One of the highlights from this show was the return to the lightweight class of Edmonton's Carmen Tocheniuk. I first met her at the 2004 Nationals - one couldn't help notice how photogenic she was at the time...add to that her steady muscular development since then and you've got the 'poster child' to recruit others to the sport. Carmen actually won this class in 2005 - you'd think she'd be on the cover of every health and fitness magazine by now...no longer will be a well kept secret I'm sure :) I was along for an early morning photoshoot plus arranged one for later that day with some stunning swimwear, etc. A pleasure and privilege to photograph, pictures can't really do her justice - hope we came close. With her drive and determination, expect great things from her in the future! She's opened up a personalized gourmet meal catering service called Karma-Leans Custom Fit Food. There's more about Carmen there as well so definitely check it out.

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Carmen Tocheniuk - 2nd Place


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