2007 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships
Lightweight Class

Shannon Holman
Heading up the rest of this class was Alberta's Shannon Holman. Nice symmetry and muscle definition, she also competed in Masters. Some familiar names of note here, Christie Ngo was a middleweight at the 2006 Alberta's, Theresa was at that show as well... Susie Dumont was the BC's Lightweight champ in 2006.

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Shannon Holman - 6th Place

Carmela Cierzo - 7th Place

Barbara Stannard - 8th Place

Christie Ngo - 9th Place

Theresa Huarte - 10th Place

Susie Dumont - 12th Place

Jan Sielski - 13th Place

Julie Smith - 14th Place

Tammy Borgen-Flood


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