2006 Alberta Provincial
Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
Figure - Tier 2 Medium Class (Top 3)

Lynda Thoresen
Three Southern Albertans topped this class. Lynda competed at the 2006 Emerald Cup where she was a bit harder and more defined - a softer look here, but perfectly proportioned. Very deserving of the overall title. Both her and Lisa competed the following weekend at the Canadians, Lynda coming in second in a really tough class while Lisa won the Masters Division and earned her Pro Card. Additional photos from their photoshoot along with Chelsea Nypiuk will be on a separate page shortly. Following them here was the superbly conditioned Leah Berti - who knew what a toned lower body was hiding beneath those sweats? Nice V-tapered upper body as well. She really has the option of going in whichever direction she chooses, having competed in bodybuilding at the Tested World Qualifier just over a month later.

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Lynda Thoresen - 1st Place Overall

Lisa Taylor - 2nd Place

Leah Berti - 3rd Place


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