2006 Alberta Provincial
Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
Figure - Tier 1 Medium Class (Part 3)

Kimberly Castle
It was difficult not to notice Kimberly Castle. She may be new to figure competitions but her experience in modeling and other pageants was evident in her poise and appearance onstage. You can see her recent progress and transformation at
I don't take many backstage photos as I'm not a fan of protan and oil, but you gotta make exceptions! A number of competitors took part in the David Ford Model Search the following week so included their photos as part of this coverage.

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Kimberly Castle - 4th Place

Roxanne Symak - 5th Place

Heather Baird - 6th Place

Amber Forrest - 7th Place

Chantell Wood - 8th Place

Lynn Trimble - 9th Place

Marla Grant - 10th Place

Deanna Harder

Elizabeth Yu

Melanie Sabo

Olimpia Arguello

Krystan Bellows

Miranda Reese

Lana Leong


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