Negrita Jayde
1988 North Americans - 3rd Heavyweight

One of my all time favorites in the
sport, stole the show at the '86
Canadians and here as well. She's
undergone a metamorphosis over
the years and has written books
on the subject of fitness and
nutrition chronicling it all.
A sad note jogged my memory
regarding Negrita, as she was
the fiancée of the late Gregory
Hines - actor, dancer and a
friend of bodybuilding. I recall
him in the audience at contests in
Seattle, for all I know may have
met Negrita at this very show.
Let's just call this a tribute
to exceptionally good taste!
Photos are viewable within
each image page. Some sad news to report...Negrita lost her battle with cancer on Aug. 28, 2009. She will be greatly missed.

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