2002 NPC USA
Bodybuilding & Fitness

July 26 - 27, 2002
Las Vegas in July is getting to be a tradition! Over 100 competitors
comprising fitness and bodybuilding made for a very full weekend.
Fitness saw some notable new pros and the middleweight winner
Rosemary Jennings reigned supreme. Coverage will be much like
last year with ongoing updates as explained below.

(l to r) Nicole Rollolazo, Sandy Ranalli, Julie Shipley Childs, Brenda Kelly
and Kimberly Scheidler...hmm...flashback to a year ago - click the picture.

Overall winner
Rosemary Jennings.

Once again, Lindsay Productions and the NPC did
a great job putting together every aspect of this event.


Melanie Thompson - Lightweight Winner
results are

Colette Nelson - Heavyweight Winner

This will be an evolving project over an extended period, hence its own section on the
Home Page. Because of the number of top-notch media outlets covering this, simply
presenting results and a ton of pictures would be somewhat redundant. Choice photos
from more of the top placers will eventually be featured, but very dependent on
what's being marketed elsewhere as I don't want to infringe on those

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Lightweights - Melanie Thompson
Middleweights - Jeannie Paparone & Tami Tucker
Heavyweights - Heather Policky & Yamile Marrero
Middleweights - Rosemary Jennings
Heavyweights - Colette Nelson &
Lightweights - Carla Salotti
Miscellaneous - Jamie Troxel, Tricia Travis,
Maya Stone, Maribeth Rossi,
Kimberly Becker & Teri Mooney
Fitness - Sandie Ward &
Angela Semsch

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